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New year in Berlin, Austrian white christmas, and alpine christmas
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     Transfers in Paris

    CGD -> City hotels from AU$192 City Hotels -> CDG from $182
    ORL -> City Hotels from AU$182 City Hotels - > ORL from AU$182
    BVA -> City Hotels on request City Hotels -> BVA on request
    Rail Stations -> City Hotels from AU$104 City Hotels -> Rail Stations from AU$104

    Transfers in Nice

    Nice Airport -> City Hotels from AU$60 City Hotels -> Nice Airport from AU$60
    Rail Station -> City Hotels from AU$60

    City Hotels -> Rail Station from AU$60



    1.   Rates are based on 2 persons travelling, and are for private transfers

    2.   Rates may vary for servifces after 19;00 and before 06:00

    3.   For single person or "shared" transfers, please contact us below

    4.   For rate for more than 2 persons or families, contact us below