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  • FRENCH WINE GUIDE Nectar of the Gods


    Winemaking in France dates back to pre-Roman times, also it was the romans who disiminated the culture of the wine and the practice of winemaking throughout the country.

    Wine is the product of the juice of fresly picked grapes, after natural or cultured yeasts have converted the grape sugars into alcohol during the fermentation process. The yeasts, or less, are normally filtered out before bottling.

    The range, quality and reputation of the fine wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône, and Champagne in particular have made them rôle models the world over.

    France's everyday wines can be highly enjoyable too, with plenty of good value wines now emerging from the southern regions.

    Each of ten principal wine producing regions has its own identity, based on grape varieties and terroir. Appelation contrôlée laws guarantee a wine's origins and style.


    wine_glass.jpg   Alsace                             wine_glass.jpg  Champagne           

    wine_glass.jpg  Bordeaux                          wine_glass.jpg  Loire Valley

    wine_glass.jpg  Burgundy                           wine_glass.jpg  Côtes de Provence

    wine_glass.jpg  Beaujolais & Côtes du Rhône